Funny Little Boxes: Classic Patch Cables

Practical Patch first came across Andy and his work with FLB via instagram, there was something subtly brilliant about what Andy was doing then and low and behold Andy has since launched the 1991 Pedal, has a wait list longer than many would be able to dream and like Practical Patch, now works full time running his business and maintaining the families good times. An gem of a man, please check out his shop. 

Pedal Patch: Braided Instrument Cables

The original PP. Phil's expertise as a gigging musician and exemplary customer service is every reason you need to visit his website and peruse his many solder-less and ready made options. Sometimes even the smallest of connectors won't fit some pedals and this is where EBS or some of Phil's solder-less could serve you well.  

Sam's Guitars: Bricks and Mortar... FB: Sam's Guitars

Sam Orr opened his first shop in Chester 2021. Previously of Dawsons Music, we became aware of one another through a group of Practical Patch customers and friends. Sam now stocks a small number of Instrument Cables made by Practical Patch, is straight into action with his new business, plays a mean guitar and has a fantastic Instagram feed. If you are local please drop by and of course if you need a cable from Sam that Sam doesn't have. Well you know who can help him help you out. 


Practical Patch is welcoming retailers to get in touch for exclusive stock listings or custom shop arrangements.