If you would like to get in touch please contact Practical Patch via one of the following email addresses below.


Instrument and/or Patch Cables are also produced and available from the fine retailers below. 

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Sale or clearance cables and more can be found in Practical Patch's Reverb Store.


If you do not wish to use Reverb for purchase please write to Practical Patch as anything you see on there that is still in stock can be provided to you with an order for anything else or singularly via a PayPal invoice or one that is payable by Bank Transfer. 



Practical Patch does and will ship worldwide, this has generally happened via social media custom orders and or Reverb. Please do get in touch if you are across the pond, way down under or in a small village where you are only known by name and have no house number! This website's checkout has variable rates for International shipping based on order value, everything will be shipped tracked and or signed with full shipping cover. For the best shipping price on larger spends / heavier weight, you really are best just getting in touch directly via email or social media before ordering. 


The Official Warranty UK and International 

New Items are returnable within 30 days and items must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all original packaging and no signs of use, tampering or alterations. Buyer assumes responsibility for all return shipping costs unless the item was not received as described. B-Stock or pre-owned items sold as seen / as described are returnable within one day of receipt and the same return conditions apply, items must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all original packaging and no signs of use, tampering or alterations, as described items will always state "as described or B-Stock" It is highly unlikely however if any issues arise with your purchase/s, please, return to Practical Patch and arrangements for mending or replacement will be made. Any issues found involving compatibility on receipt, please take your time to ensure that what you buy meets your needs, many listings on this website have warnings of compatibility issues for plug sizes etc. If a cable is returned in full working order and you've simply changed your mind or ordered the wrong length. Practical Patch will not cover your return shipping costs and refund will be minus cost to ship to you. For any further details please write to

The reality of cable warranties

If you haven't read already my names Chris and I make the cables. Any issues that have arisen with buyers are generally very practical to solve in nature and have been resolved via a quick phone call or a few emails. The perfect example is the Neutrik Silent Jacks. Never use a Neutrik Silent Jack with a plastic amp or pedal socket it probably won't work or if it does then there will probably be a hum. Simple. Really really rare that human error causes a dysfunctional cable, by which I mean my own, obviously accidental damage can occur and that's why Gear Guard doesn't offer insurance on cables. They are classed as disposables which sadly most professional musicians who have had them all stolen will know all too well. What I am saying here is if you run into a problem, just let me know. I want and need to know. It's better that way. It's extremely rare that there is a fault in my work or a fault in the parts that I use. However, do just consider the costs of the above warranty agreement. International Shipping isn't cheap and yes you have the front the return unless we agree otherwise. 


To expand further and why you are not reading about a "lifetime warranty" suggested by so many cable companies, it is because not only are you buying tried and tested components with years of history as being almost invincible in the industry. It is also that you are buying from a single independent maker registered as a sole trader within the United Kingdon. Therefore everything I make is bespoke, I suppose that does mean that my work has a lifetime warranty but its presently only as long as my life. What this means is I could drop dead tomorrow and there will be no one here to answer you. The good news is that presently I am alive and at a reasonable age I should be around for plenty of years to come. Practical Patch is my full-time occupation. 

Shipping Costs and Minimum spend on Custom Orders. 

There is no minimum spend on Mono TS 1/4' Custom Patch or Instrument Cable orders. When placing a custom order Practical Patch will provide you with an invoice via email, the invoice must be paid in full before work begins on any order. U.K. Shipping is assumed at £5.00 and please ensure that if you are using PayPal to pay. That the address you have registered is where your order is to be delivered. 


For packages weighing over 2KG in the UK, they may instead be sent to you by courier rather than Royal Mail. Shipping options will always be discussed with you, please expect to be charged full carriage amount regardless of spend. 

Balanced Cables: XLR, TRS etc.... 


Having built stocks previously of Neutrik Ends and Van Damme Microphone cable it became abundantly clear that most who got in touch for a custom order with myself were after a complete overhaul, just one cable, or to save money instead of buying elsewhere.


For 2020 I have made the decision that the best way to go about this cable type and its variables being produced is to state a minimum spend of £180.00 is expected when ordering in bulk. What does this sort of spend get you? Well for full Practical Patch treatment on braided Mic cables that will cover around 6 x 3m Braided XLR Male to Female Neutrik ended cables. 

Now hold on tight, as you may be in this industry yourself and looking to save some time! Of course, I am willing to do piece work, this has happened on numerous occasions helping out other people in this game who need a haul of cables completed and delivered. So with that in mind, if you need A LOT of XLR etc then please do not hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss your requirements. 

For those who do require just that one cable, please look at Instrument Cables for an idea of pricing, if you desperately need a solution for a pedalboard that is exactly what my stocks are reserved for. Most pedalboard type cables can be found in the utility section of the website however if there is a requirement for a 1m XLR or a right angle etc, then please do not let the Minimum spend put you off. I will invite all enquiries and will produce if I do not think it will be of detriment to whatever position I am in that the time. 

Thank you everyone for their support and for reading this page, I look forward to hearing from any and all of you soon!

Chris - Practical Patch 

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