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Practical Patch Cables: 

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U.K. Postage 2020 update: 


Covid 19 sadly has put a bit of a spanner in the works for quick and often same day dispatch of orders including custom. Previously with our local depot's opening hours running until 18:30 Monday to Friday. I was entirely possible to fit in same day production and dispatch with their opening and closing times, sometimes I was visiting the depot twice daily. Alas, 2020 has changed this so please, do expect the quickest dispatch possible but I would caution you that it would be sensible to expect at least a day extra than you may be used to. So for example, an order before noon for a ready-made cable or even a smaller custom order of Patch Cables that will likely be sent first class, will now dispatch next day. As a general rule of thumb, multiple orders will be dispatched together either via our Local Post Office, Depot, or our Priority Post Boxes, so, the "worst-case" scenario depending on order volume for the week, is that dispatch will take place on a Saturday upon drop of at our local depot. Please be aware, Practical Patch is absolutely a full-time job my myself and there is no sittin' aboot doing hee-haw. I will complete and dispatch all orders and quickly as multiple timings allow.



Practical Patch does and will ship worldwide, this has generally happened via social media custom orders and or Reverb. Please do get in touch if you are across the pond, way down under or in a small village where you are only known by name and have no house number! This website's checkout has variable rates for International shipping based on order value, however for the best price you really are best just getting in touch directly via email or social media. 

Shipping Costs and Minimum spend on Custom Orders. 

There is no minimum spend on Mono TS 1/4' Custom Patch or Instrument Cable orders. When placing a custom order Practical Patch will provide you with an invoice via email, the invoice must be paid in full before work begins on any order. U.K. Shipping is assumed at £5.00 and please ensure that if you are using PayPal to pay. That the address you have registered is where your order is to be delivered. 


For packages weighing over 2KG in the UK, they may instead be sent to you by courier rather than Royal Mail. Shipping options will always be discussed with you, please expect to be charged full carriage amount regardless of spend. 

Balanced Cables: XLR, TRS etc.... 


Having built stocks previously of Neutrik Ends and Van Damme Microphone cable it became abundantly clear that most who got in touch for a custom order with myself were after a complete overhaul, just one cable, or to save money instead of buying elsewhere.


For 2020 I have made the decision that the best way to go about this cable type and its variables being produced is to state a minimum spend of £180.00 is expected when ordering in bulk. What does this sort of spend get you? Well for full Practical Patch treatment on braided Mic cables that will cover around 6 x 3m Braided XLR Male to Female Neutrik ended cables. 

Now hold on tight, as you may be in this industry yourself and looking to save some time! Of course, I am willing to do piece work, this has happened on numerous occasions helping out other people in this game who need a haul of cables completed and delivered. So with that in mind, if you need A LOT of XLR etc then please do not hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss your requirements. 

For those who do require just that one cable, please look at Instrument Cables for an idea of pricing, if you desperately need a solution for a pedalboard that is exactly what my stocks are reserved for. Most pedalboard type cables can be found in the utility section of the website however if there is a requirement for a 1m XLR or a right angle etc, then please do not let the Minimum spend put you off. I will invite all enquiries and will produce if I do not think it will be of detriment to whatever position I am in that the time. 

Thank you everyone for their support and for reading this page, I look forward to hearing from any and all of you soon!

Chris - Practical Patch 

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