If you would like to get in touch please contact Practical Patch by email.... 

Annual Opening Hours / Breaks in production

  • Practical Patch UK is generally available for contact 09-00 - 17:30 Monday - Saturday and "Closed" Sunday 

  • Practical Patch is closed every year on Christmas Day. 

  • Any other holidays or short breaks will be announced on Social Media or presented on the website home page. 

European Union EU

Practical Patch is still shipping to the EU in 2021. Packages are sent with Customs Code 92093000 - if cables were entering the UK on this code the Duty would be 2%. Apologies at the time of writing Practical Patch cannot confirm what this means at your end. Practical Patch is also not yet a VAT registered business. What this means is Practical Patch's prices are the same for local market as they are for the rest of the world. This means that you could, I can confirm it does not always happen even in 2021, end up paying your local VAT and a handling charge depending how your country handles what would otherwise normally be domestic mail. 

Practical Patch cannot reimburse UK VAT and cannot offer a 20% discount on all products. What Practical Patch can do however is continue to fulfil bespoke orders for the EU and if you are wanting to place an order in the hundreds then we can discuss a best price to counter act against your local VAT being added. 

Products that are completely non negotiable on price for export to EU are any KMMK (Square Plug) Connectors or Evidence Audio Connectors or Cable. For these products specifically the price will always be the price. 





Practical Patch does and will ship worldwide, this has generally happened via social media custom orders and or Reverb. Please do get in touch if you are across the pond, way down under or in a small village where you are only known by name and have no house number! For the best shipping and quickest shipping price on larger or heavier orders, you really are best just getting in touch directly via email or social media before ordering. 


Chevtone FX

Please contact Adam at Chevtone FX for full warranty details

The Official Practical Patch Warranty - UK 


New Items are returnable within 14 days of receiving and items must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all original packaging and no signs of use, tampering or alterations. Buyer assumes responsibility for all return shipping costs unless the item was not received as described. B-Stock or pre-owned items sold as seen / as described are returnable within one day of receipt and the same return conditions apply, items must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all original packaging and no signs of use, tampering or alterations, as described items will always state "as described or B-Stock" It is highly unlikely however if any issues arise with your purchase/s, please, return to Practical Patch and arrangements for mending or replacement will be made. Any issues found involving compatibility on receipt, please take your time to ensure that what you buy meets your needs, many listings on this website have warnings of compatibility issues for plug sizes etc. If a cable is returned in full working order and you've simply changed your mind or ordered the wrong length or there is an issue with tolerances between various devices then Practical Patch will not cover your return shipping costs and any refund  provided will be minus original cost to ship to you. For any further details please write to


Its pretty much the same as the above but please, let's not waste each others time, if anything ever goes wrong lets come to an amicable arrangement that doesn't involve us both spending more on shipping than you could have on the product you receive. What I'm saying here is, god I hope that day never comes! 


Why do you not offer a lifetime warranty? 


Well allow me to be candid, if you haven't read already my names Chris and I make cables and I like to tell the truth. No manufacturer of any guitar related accessories would in their right mind offer a lifetime warranty on the very thing that insurance companies specify as being disposables. Take Gear Guard in the UK for example. No cover for any item valued at under £100.00, no receipt no claim, no cover on cables at all and lets face it, it makes sense, because they are not only some of the most stolen items from performing musicians inventories they are also, well, some of them, the easiest to break.  

Anyone who offers you a lifetime warranty is going to waste your time or just hand you the same thing as a replacement that is going to break again. Just ask anyone who has worked in a guitar store handing out a certain tweed entry level cable. How do you think I got into making cables? As the saying goes, you get what you pay for and Practical Patch does not sell you anything that isn't already renowned, tried and tested, kicked, punched, thrown across the room, stepped on, had a wah pedal dropped on or held next to open flame... just kidding on the last one, keep the fire away from the Techflex; it can probably survive a grazed with a sharp blade or jaggy brick, but it does not like excessive heat. 

I hope that covers that for you. At the end of the day if for whatever reason something that is sold in the thousands yearly suddenly decides to break, you know, like a single Neutrik connector or a length of cable develops a fault in its length, these are once in a blue moon occurrences and the reason they really never happen that often is because 1. the parts used are great and 2. you didn't drop your guitar ;-)