If you would like to get in touch please contact Practical Patch via one of the following email addresses below.

Practical Patch Cables: 

Ready made instrument cables can be found at the following retailers.

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Covid 19 sadly has put a bit of a spanner in the works for Practical Patch and its speedy shipping. It used to be possible to produce and dispatch certain orders same day, however that has proven difficult with opening hours changing at the local Royal Mail Depot. As a rule of thumb, Practical Patch will always have a shipping day on a Saturday. However please do not let that put you off, I will endeavour to ensure that orders dispatch as quickly as possible and as a variety of packaging is used. It is entirely possible for your cables to arrive through your letter box rather than having to be collected elsewhere in large branded packaging! 




Practical Patch does and will ship worldwide, this has generally happened via social media custom orders and or Reverb. Please do get in touch if you are across the pond, way down under or in a small village were you are only known by name and not number! This website's checkout has variable rates for International shipping based on order value, however for the best price you really are best just getting in touch directly via email or social media. You may find it you look around that even with import fees Patch's prices are the same if not lower than your of the shelf big brands and its also entirely possible that you've brought yourself here as you literally can get something unique that is otherwise difficult to get elsewhere in the world! 

Thank you everyone for their support and for reading this page, I look forward to hearing from any and all of you soon!

- Practical Patch 

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