Sommer the Spirit XXL, Produced to order with optional connectors at 5, 6, 7 or 8 metres. This cable offers a tremendous signal transfer with its capacitance and form whilst maintaining suitable flexibility straight of the reel and then overtime becoming more supple with use. Truly a favourite that Patch finds to be night and day with others. Let's just call it magic! 


Cable Description: 

  • Your chosen length +13cm for trimming, Sommer the Spirit XXL, Lo-Cap at 86 pf/M, Impeccable shielding and dense polyethylene for noiseless operation. 
  • Neutrik NP2X-B or Neutrik NP2RX-B, real gold plating for long life in all environments, solid brass conductor to tip. 
  • Black Branded Practical Patch Heat Shrink covering 
  • Your choice of Neutrik PX-Boots (pictured) also known as footwear.... 


This cable is being offered at longer lengths here as this is something XXL can offer you, a lower loss flexible cable across multiple stages or even just at home. For shorter lengths, please see Sommer Hoose or Practical Patch's Braided Instrument Cables. 

Sommer Instrument Cable