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This page is very involved and therefore best read on a desktop computer. It's often the norm that conversation at length will be held before proceeding with any services job. Please do take the time to read this page, it can help as a foundation for future communications. 

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Pedalboard Wiring

Whilst a number of Pedalboards now have been "wired" by Practical Patch, the majority of them have happened with online planning via email and/or instant messaging services between myself and buyers or buyers have used the Custom Patch Cable listings in the Core Range section of this website. As 2020 comes to an end and 2021 beings, I am seeing an increase in enquiries from a number of players looking to drop off or send in their pedalboards to be wired up from start to finish by Practical Patch. By the end of January 2021, three will have been completed by my hands alongside fulfilment of online orders. 

In an attempt to communicate pricing: here are three possible options per input and output. 

  1. ​£15.00 per input and output. Mix and Match all Chrome Connectors including some additional requirements such as TRS control cables or possibly needed custom made daisy chain. 

  2. £18.00 per input and output. All Neutrik Connectors including some additional requirements such as TRS control cables or possibly needed custom made daisy chain. 

  3. £20.00 per input and output. KMMK Solutions Square plugs in chrome or black. SPS4 or SP400, SP400BK etc... Does not include any additional requirements such as TRS control cables or possibly needed custom made daisy chain. However, additions will always be appropriated fairly.


Each price shown includes VAT and assumes the use of parts described as well as Practical Patch's chosen in house cabling options. Labour, Cable Ties, Anchors, Routing, Velcro or Dual Lock are all part of the service. Entirely handmade Custom Power cables are charged in addition therefore, the prices above assume the majority used will be that which are supplied with your own power supply, other potential rising costs are described below....

Pre input and output: what does this mean? 

I will typically overcomplicate this but the idea here is enabling you to get a number in your head that should be the top end of payment made. So it is not quite per cable but more per pedal and per pedal also includes per loop. So if you have a looper switcher such as a Gigrig Quarter Master QMX6 and 6 pedals, then that is at minimum 12 inputs and outputs but if you are using a Patch Bay that takes it to a minimum of 13 inputs and outputs. 

What are the other rising costs? 

Goes without saying a quote will be made once Practical Patch has been made aware of all possible requirements. This list of usual suspects however, should highlight that, which will deviate from the price guide above a quote you could expect to receive. 

  • Entirely custom made power cables 

  • Multiple Custom Length Balanced on unbalanced cables using TS/TRS/XLR etc

  • Midi Solutions 

  • Y Splitter Cables 

  • Any physical long lasting colour identification including coloured screws, boots or braid 

  • Any Patch Bays / battery or junction boxes etc 

Return Shipping if not dropped off in person. 

Practical Patch can only insure return shipment for work invoiced and completed. This will be charged in addition to the above prices and any service booked will be door to door collection. It is worth mentioning that probably the maximum length is around 70 - 80cm and weight 20KG. The larger the package the less courier options available.

Why the £15.00 mix and match option? Please enjoy reading the entry / little story below. 

Two of the Pedalboards pictured with the White Xotic Wah and the other having the bright orange cable (chosen by the buyer) are a perfect example of the £15.00 per input and output rule. Whilst connector costs vary in these examples Square Plugs were only used where they were required, low profile for the rest of the board. As a further example of tasks Practical Patch is happy to include in the services, the orange cable board's patch bay also required fixing. I installed new cable and new Neutrik Sockets for the owner, on the same board I produced a daisy chain to share one of the Ojai's 500mA output with all true bypass and or non-buffered digital pedals and raised slightly the loop switcher as to stabilise underfoot. Strymon were contacted by myself regarding proximity concerns with the PSU, the list goes on really. Its my job to make sure that no issues will ever arise with the pedalboard completed as it is meant to be. All part of the service as they say! 

Early 2020 I was invited to attend the Classic Rock Show after producing cables for guitarist and racing driver James Cole, this was hugely kind of James (thank you!) to get me in early and present their on stage setup which, to be honest, is pretty advanced compared to what you or I myself have likely ever gigged! On saying that I did once play with a band that used a laptop....anyway, on tour with the band was Pete Thorn and his board was sitting there for myself to have a good look at in person. Wired originally by David Friedman, this was another moment in my time doing this that it became abundantly clear that reliability and a pragmatic approach out-way any requirements for uniformity in regards to connectors or even sometimes cable. It was clear that the foundation had been laid by David on that board but Pete had obviously changed a few things on the road and sometimes with off the shelf cables. 

Which I guess is worth then considering before you proceed with wanting such a service completed. Are you truly willing to commit to a certain layout specifically on a small board? All worth thinking about..... the good news is Practical Patch will make sure the obvious spots have a little slack for you to play with. The Pedaltrain Classic 2 pictured in the gallery is a great example of this. There is ample slack in audio and power cables for the top left effects loop deck and the two drive pedals in the chain. The slack can be seen on the underbody shots directly beneath the Timmy and the Red Jasper for example

Everything will be considered thats possible to imagine before work begins on your board, for enquires and price quotes please write to enquiries@practicalpatch.co.uk

Kind Regards, 

Chris - Practical Patch 


Other services:


Instrument Services

Practical Patch offers a number of services for instrument-related requirements, prices generally start at around £20.00 for simple guitar, bass or electric setups. Any parts required such as strings can be sourced by yourself or ordered in by Practical Patch on your behalf. I have quite a well-versed knowledge now of various things and tricks to get your instrument playing as it should. For anything more involved such as a re-fret or levelling or serious breakage repair, please head to your local luthier who will have absolutely spent the fortune and time required to spend their knowledge in aid of your requirements. Practical Patch can and will help you and do the best job possible, however, some jobs are simply unavoidable and eventually, if you have an instrument you wish to keep forever, well, its eventually going to require the hands of a master craftsman. Sometimes you just gotta pay the pro! 

I am not presently familiar with any local full-time luthiers, please get in touch if you are one! I can absolutely recommend Chris of Mcintyre Guitars based up near Easter Road stadium in Edinburgh. Mcintyre Guitars has no association with Practical Patch but I have held his work and it is incredible. 

Effects Pedal and Utilities

I have now performed a number of fixes locally on various pedals, most notably Boss and carry various parts required for their issues arising. Other jobs have involved simple cleaning or solder reflows. Again, if I cannot help you I will point you in the right direction. Always willing to respond to any enquiries. 

Amplifiers and powered Equipment

Whilst some jobs can be tackled by myself sometimes you just have to accept that with Valve amps you are going to need someone qualified who is willing to risk their life for you. I can help with general troubleshooting and can usually acquire parts for extremely simply fixes on Solid State amplifiers. For anything else I would highly recommend Time Travel Audio in Edinburgh. Who again, have no association with Practical Patch I am just familiar with how great a job they have done for so many people I know that they are who I would recommend. 

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Strymon Engineering confirmed they have had no issues with Proximity before this solution was produced. I can confirmed they are absolutely correct. What a silent board in bypass. Fantastic.