What services are on offer? 

Pedalboard Wiring. 

Guitar and Instrument Services. 

Pedal and Effects Repairs or Simple Solutions. 

Bulk Piece work. 

Pedalboard wiring Gallery, information available after you scroll beyond....

Pedalboard Wiring

For Summer 2021 and onwards I have made the decision to remove pricing for Pedalboard wiring jobs from public view. Please do not think that this would mean you cannot afford to have your board wired by Practical Patch even if you are on a tight budget or have a smaller board that you just want to be perfect. Get in touch, you could be pleasantly surprised..... 


I welcome all enquiries big or small. You will be quoted one price and so long as we have discussed all requirements then that will be the final price you pay prior to the work beginning.

Practical Patch works on a mix and match philosophy to get the best price to you for the job but more importantly: amplify all possible space on tight boards. There are a range of options available in forms of connectors, cable, utility devices required or indeed any buffer or patch bay needs can be produced by myself or friends: such as TateFX or Bright Onion. 


Keep in mind that I am located in the Scottish Borders and you may need to ship your board to myself for the work to be completed. Customers are welcome to drop in and collect pedalboards as well, of course following any Pandemic related rules in place at the time. 

If there is something beyond what you see in the above images that you require please do not hesitate to ask when getting in touch. Practical Patch is a well established business with suppliers and industry friends across the globe. Whatever you need that Practical Patch does not hold an inventory can absolutely be got and deployed for your board to be wired precisely how you want it to be. 

To make an enquiry please write to: enquiries@practicalpatch.co.uk

Other services:

Instrument Services

Practical Patch offers a number of services for instrument-related requirements, prices generally start at around £25.00 for simple guitar, bass, or electric setups. Any parts required can be bought and paid for by yourself. Or Practical Patch can purchase parts provided the money is paid upfront. Payment is generally expected upfront and in full. You can leave your instruments with Practical Patch for a maximum of 2-3 weeks due to space requirements for other work. 


I am not familiar with any local full-time luthiers, I have only lived the Scottish Borders since 2019. Please get in touch if you are one! I can absolutely recommend Chris of Mcintyre Guitars based up near Easter Road stadium in Edinburgh. Mcintyre Guitars has no association with Practical Patch but I have seen and held his work and it is incredible. Broken LP Headstock? He is your man 100% 

Effects Pedal and Utilities

If you are local and have a problem please get in touch, I carry some essential parts for the most common issues, anything else I can point you in the correct direction. 


Amplifiers and powered Equipment

You are probably going to have to pay a professional amp technician, that is the way that it is supposed to be! That said if you think it's something very simple or you just haven't the confidence to change a DC barrel or swap out a pre-amp valve. Then yes, email and Practical Patch will give you a straight yes or no response.