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This page is very involved and therefore best read on a desktop computer. It's often the norm that conversation at length will be held before proceeding with any services job. Please do take the time to read this page, it can help as a foundation for future communications. 

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Pedalboard Wiring

Whilst a number of Pedalboards now have been "wired" by Practical Patch, the majority of them have happened with online planning via email and/or instant messaging services between myself and buyers or buyers who have used the Custom Patch Cable listings in the Core Range section of this website. As 2020 comes to an end and 2021 beings, I am seeing an increase in enquiries from a number of players looking to drop off or send in their pedalboards to be wired up from start to finish by Practical Patch. By the end of January 2021, three will have been completed by my hands alongside fulfilment of online orders. 

In an attempt to communicate pricing: .

As a guide especially for smaller boards such as the Pedaltrain Classic JR you are looking at around ​£15.95 per input and output (Inc. VAT). Practical Patch will Mix and Match all Chrome Connectors including some additional requirements such as TRS control cables or possibly needed custom-made daisy chain as well as any small patch bay or tap tempo requirements. Practical Patch expects customer to deliver and collect or ship pedalboard direct to be return shipped to you via your chosen carrier.


Whilst it is possible to wire some boards without Pedals physically being present (especially useful if you intend to ship) there are limitations to the greatness of my ability to plan everything within my head so please accept that anything above 4-5 pedals is going to prove difficult - unless I own them. 

Power is hugely important however it is also not a rising cost you should wish to entertain: if you have the appropriate power cables please be sure to provide them as this will save you money and be of no detriment to outcome. That said Practical Patch can produce absolutely everything your Pedalboard requires so if you want the neatest possible board imaginable - custom power cables will be required. 

Connector & Cable Options: 

If you wish to go exclusively with a certain connector type or an entirely Evidence Audio board then please ignore the above suggested cost of £15.95 per input and output and contact Practical Patch at enquiries@pracitcalpatch.co.uk for an accurate price quote. 

Practical Patch can source nearly any cable or colour of cable that you desire however Van Damme Pro Patch (Black) is the go too and Evidence Audio Monorail is also available in Burgundy or Graphite as well as Practical Patch being able to order in their Black Rock Cable. Whilst Evidence is generally thought of as a solderless cable Practical Patch can of course produce your board using their produces either soldered, hybrid or entirely solderless. 

Practical Patch Connector options are generally as you have seen across the website and are all chrome in appearance. These are the stocks Practical Patch carries in relative abundance for a business or this size and age. For all black KMMK Square Plugs for example please expect either a minimum spend or indeed a wait time for parts to arrive. 

For any other connector on the market Practical Patch is always willing to work with what you want to pay for. Practical Patch has some good relationships within this realm and if you were looking for a UK wired board with Creation Music Company plugs or indeed wanted to utilise my friend Phil's Pedal Patch Connectors and cable then these all options that can be arranged if its Practical Patch's hands that you want doing to layout and cabling etc 


For anymore information on board wiring please send myself an email here

Chris Buckley - Practical Patch 

Other services:

Instrument Services

Practical Patch offers a number of services for instrument-related requirements, prices generally start at around £20.00 for simple guitar, bass, or electric setups. Any parts required can be bought and paid for by yourself. Or Practical Patch can purchase parts provided the money is paid upfront. Payment is generally expected upfront and in full.


I am not familiar with any local full-time luthiers, I have only lived the Scottish Borders since 2019. Please get in touch if you are one! I can absolutely recommend Chris of Mcintyre Guitars based up near Easter Road stadium in Edinburgh. Mcintyre Guitars has no association with Practical Patch but I have seen and held his work and it is incredible. Broken LP Headstock? He is your man 100% 

Effects Pedal and Utilities

If you are local and have a problem please get in touch, I carry some essential parts for the most common issues, anything else I can point you in the correct direction. 


Amplifiers and powered Equipment

You are probably going to have to pay a professional amp technician, that is the way that it is supposed to be! That said if you think it's something very simple or you just haven't the confidence to change a DC barrel or swap out a pre-amp valve. Then yes, email and Practical Patch will give you a straight yes or no response.