Quick Record Cable Users Guide.

iOS mobile devices only

We hope this guide can come in useful so please have a thorough read, grab yourself a quiet moment and take it all in. You are about to be provided with some pretty standard common sense troubleshooting techniques but we know that life isn't always peaceful so please, after you have read all of this, If you need more assistance or are curious if the QRC could work for you. Then do proceed to write to info@quickrecordcable.com and we will get back to you.

How do you make sure it works first time? 

The QRC cable relies upon a hot line level signal. Ideally you will be feeding the cable with a variable signal level control from a device with an active output from a 1/4' Headphone Socket, 1/4" Line Out and of course, you can use various cables and adaptors to extend or adapt across many devices. Got an old Mini Disc player lying about? For a list of devices already in use click here.

Number 1 Rule: please ensure that any Ground Lift switches (GND LFT) are set to the OFF position. 

Now, your mobile device especially has probably spent some time living in your pocket or bag and will have collected dirt and dander. So, please ensure that all contacts are clean, sockets are empty of fluff and that there is no in the way of you getting a secure and clean connection.


Dongles. We at QRC advise the genuine iOS Lightning to Female Socket Headphone Adaptor. This may also need cleaned but the most important thing to know is that there will be a small gab when you insert the TRRS end of QRC cable. This is completely normal and could be visible on iPad's as well. Please do not attempt to force the TRRS end of the QRC any further in or you could damage your dongle, device or your QRC cable. 


iOS devices with headphone sockets. There are some out there..... what the QRC team have found from late December 2020 is that unfortunately not everyone knows what iPad (to be specific) they own. So what we can tell you just now whilst we log device compatibility data. Is that if your iPad has a curved shell, then you will have to use a dongle. iPad 2 is not compatible with the QRC however the latest gen iPad mini is (and it has a slight curve to its shell) so whilst your devices form can be a factor, it may not be. Do let us know if you have any difficulties with spare devices you may have around or a loan of to try.  

Making sure everything is connected: how to use native apps. 

We have found that the most productive step to take and to keep the Quick Record Cable QUICK is to open native voice memos app on your device before proceeding to capture using the Camera app....

Why is this a sensible step? Well if you immediately try to capture a video with your Camera app and everything isn't connected correctly. Then you will become frustrated removing the QRC to listen back to no audio captured or the audio captured by internal mic.  


Therefore, it is advised as a quick test before recording video: Hit the record button within the voice memos app to check input levels and use your own voice to make sure that the internal microphone has been successfully bypassed.

If you are using a bluetooth speaker (not AirPods or any headphones with mic input) then you can monitor this way but there will be a lag. 

If you are using an app like Garage Band then you can also set input levels and of course, you can see if your signal is reaching without the device with the internal microphone disengaged. 

How to record? Well thats what we can't wait to hear about from you... 

The QRC cable was designed with a deep need to save time recording video and audio simultaneously without any post production required. That is its purpose..... Or is it?


We know that the QRC works with Instagram Live. In good time and with original XLR QRC cable owners working hard, we are trialing Facebook Live, Skype and Zoom....let us know if there is anything else? We will add all updates to the website as we go. 

Stereo: Can it do stereo?

The QRC will provide audio left and right when monitoring back / sharing videos / using audio clips / GarageBand etc but it can not accept a stereo feed without you feeding it a "middleman" such as a mixer or audio interface. Essentially you can deploy the QRC with your full studio setup and bypass the need for editing in post if you want to just capture a quick video! 

Sound Quality: Is it noisy? 

Firstly, we don't think that it is... anymore noisy than anything else one could use in this price bracket to capture audio and video simultaneously. If you are used to recording then you will likely know what a suitable noise floor is or sounds like. If you think you are hearing things that you haven't heard in QRC demos that have lead you hear, then do get in touch with us and we can help you trouble shoot. 

We have found that often enough across multiple devices there will be a slight hiss in higher frequency register when monitoring back your recording at full headphone volume. Thats all it should be though, slight and it should be obliterated especially by a hot signal / distorted guitar etc. 


For further details on anything you have just read please write to info@quickrecordcable.com