Known Quick Record Cable Compatible Devices 

iOS mobile devices only

Please note that some devices listed below may require adaptors or additional cables / various ended cables to function with the QRC 1/4' or QRC XLR. If you have options lying around, then you are equipped to discover!

Devices confirmed to feed your QRC include. 

Fractual FM3

Boss Waza Tube Amp Expander (XLR for Line Out - no FOH use advised Ground Lift OFF)

Universal Audio Headphone Output (Line Out single and Dual with Y Splitter to be confirmed) 


DSM Humbolt Simplifier and the new DLX.

The Sansamp BDDI

Terror Bass 500 

Focusrite Saffire DSP 24

Two Notes Captor 16 etc (must be powered with phantom power or wall wart)

Two Notes Captor X 

Behringer Ultra G (Placed between head and cab, Ground Lift OFF

and of course, out the end of your Pedalboard.... if you own an iPad that can accommodate official lightning headphone dongle you can monitor your recordings in native iOS apps such as Garage Band. This works both ways, so even if your iPad requires the dongle to accommodate the QRC. You can still use the headphone socket with TRS ended headphones to monitor your recording or indeed, simply enjoy what native apps or apps of your choosing have to offer. One Pedal, two pedals, three pedals or four.... all possible. 

Some advice RE DI boxes and Audio Interfaces. 

Interfaces are the true masters of receiving multiple feeds from various equipment. One QRC user captures Kemper, Room Audio and Vocal Mic via a mixer > Interface > QRC (XLR) > iPad 


DI - DI boxes and some amps tend to have set stepped -dB pads. Whilst these are essential and benefit QRC use, you may not be able to capture desired signal levels. This can of course be amended in post or by adjusting amplifier volume in ... not as quick but still: potentially useful!  

Compatible iOS Devices 

If you have a Dongle you are all set...


iPad Mini Latest Gen (2019 onwards)

iPad Air (10.2' 2019) 

iPad (Gen 7) 

iPhone 11 Pro (Dongle)

iPhone 11 Pro Max (Dongle) 

iPhone XR (Dongle)

iPod Touch - Gen to be confirmed


iPhone 7 can function with QRC but within the phone itself as it records there is a "clock" type ticking sound that unfortunately will be present in your audio or video recording. Sadly we cannot adapt the QRC cable to deal with this known issue.   

What about docking stations?

Apple Official Lightning Dock will work if you insert QRC into Headphone socket and select "headphones" when prompted NOT "other device" Please remove power from docking station as this will cause a seriously loud ground loop. 

Incompatible Headphone Sockets on iOS devices

iPad Pro (2021) does not have a headphone socket. QRC will work with USB C dongle. 

iPad 2 confirmed 

As noted elsewhere, some curved iPad shells may not accept the QRC TRRS end. Do let us know if you run into any trouble, this is when the official dongle can step in. 

Could there be anything else? Please let us know what you have discovered!