Y Splitter Cable by Practical Patch. 


You can use this cable for signal sends or audio. The figure of eight shielded cable is also splittable. What this means is you can tare it apart akin to HiFi speaker cable if you are familiar with. Choose any length with no change to price. The length chosen is the minimum length your cable will be. This is due to trimming and connectors. OCD? No worries, write to me! 


Cable Description:

  • TRS Stubby Plug by Creation Music Company, the shortest TRS Soldered connector presently on the market. Black assembly barrel only. No alternative Right Angle option presently from CMC is in Practical Patch's possession. 
  • 2 x KMMK Square Plugs or Practical Patch's Low Profile Pancake Jack Connectors - be sure to check spacing, Strymon, for example, can accommodate both however Pancakes may require a push past one another. 
  • KMMK Screws, All Chrome or Orange for Tip send end. Identification is only truly helpful when you are sending audio signals, it is not required for control signals from effects pedal related devices 
  • Low Profile connectors will have black heat shrink over cable and connectors as seen on other Practical Patch patch cables across this website (unbranded) 
  • Figure of Eight Cable +8cm on your chosen length for trimming. This cable is splittable by pulling gently, near impossible from TRS stubby end you will be pleased to read! 



In regards to splitting: for the production of this cable, Practical Patch must split the cable at the TS ends to apply heat shrink to bulk cable and trim.  This will always be done to the shortest split that can be managed, the rest is therefore in your hands and please, obviously consider that once you pull the figure of eight cable apart, it is not going back together! 


For any other form of Y Splitter cable such as a TRS Ended Right Angle Neutrik NP3X-B or indeed a Rean Right Angle option, please write to Practical Patch at enquiries@practicalpatch.co.uk


Fig8 Notes: Presently Practical Patch is offering Sommer Fig8 Cable however this could change depending on stock levels and your requirement. Practical Patch will notify you when and if Sommer will not be used and if you are at all worried that this could occur, then please again, just write to me and I will be happy to explain all! The names Chris - enquiries@practicalpatch.co.uk

Y Splitter Cable

Signal Send TS Tip Colour Code