Basically great. Van Damme XKE Pro Grade Instrument Cable, an industry-standard throughout the UK and the world for years. Incredibly flexible and excellent signal transfer at line level or for your instrument. Honestly, if you aren't needing anything else then you are probably needing one of these. You've quite possibly already got one! Everyone does don't they!? These cables will last you years, near-invincible Neutrik Connectors and highly portable lightweight cable. So long as you are not fond of ice skates, all will be well! 


Cable Description: 

  • Your chosen length + 13cm for production. Black Van Damme XKE Pro Grade Instrument Cable 
  • Neutrik NP2X-B or NP2RX-B Connectors 
  • Practical Patch Branded Heat Shrink (2021) now coming over all connectors straight and right angle as seen on the red cable pictured. 


Orange and Green will coming as an option around spring 2021. 



Van Damme Instrument Cable