TRS Patch Cable ideal for midi switchers such as the Morning Star MC-3 


Choose any length from up to a maximum of 80cm. Length in CM is "visible cable length" outside of the connectors assemblies. If you wish for any alternative lengths up to one metre please write in the provided text input area up to 1m. 


Components utilised: 

  • KMMK TRS 6.35mm 1/4' Connector
  • Neutrik Right Angle 3.5mm 
  • Van Damme Patch Install Black 
  • Non-branded Black Heat Shrink


This cable is produced to order with the highest possible quality connectors utilised to free up real estate on your pedalboard . This cable is not advised to be used for any audio transfer, controller command send only.  For other functional cables like this please look at the Utility and Merch section of this website.  


TRS Patch 3.5mm > 6.35mm