Highest transfer Lo-Cap handmade Sommer Patch Cables! As Sommer put it "Enormously powerful and clear sound image, with bass, guitar or keyboard" they could not word it any better way with this XXL cable coming in at 7.5mm thick! 


Natural compression and buffering in this cable's construction, it truly does have an impact you cannot fail to feel or hear.  


Firstly: pictured above are Sommer Patch cables on display that have purposely been used to connect top-mounted to side-mounted, side to side and top to top pedal jacks. The patch cable pictured first at the bottom of the image (first in foreground) is how the Patch Cables will arrive with you before use. The other images without the Practical Patch logo show prepared as new Sommer Patch cables. 


Now if your reading this and realising that Sommer the Spirit XXL is not as flexible as Practical Patch's other patch cable options, then hopefully you can be reassured by the above that they will flex; just differently. Practical Patch can also assure you that they will take on new forms if you use them differently in the future, the cables jacket will also become more supple over time as it is off the reel. 


These cables are a favourite of mine to put between on the floor or with a mini-board selection of my favourite pedals. There are a few buyers out there who believe in the same! 


Thanks for reading, here's some more info: 


Chris - Practical Patch 



  • Xcm Visible Cable Length Sommer the Spirit XXL Cable, Lo-Cap 86pf/M, Oxygen-Free. If Xcm is 15cm then 15cm is the visible cable length, equivalent to a standard six-inch patch cable. 
  • Low Profile Pancake Jack Connectors 
  • The inner shell is tinned for ground making for an everlasting connection 
  • All handmade to order please allow 1-3 working days for dispatch and delivery 


What are these Patch Cables best used for?

Straight through board or pedals on the floor. You can completely wire a board with these Patch Cables. It is how I have my personal Pedalboard connected. That said, my pedals run input to output only. So please, you will not be wanting to attempt to wire up a loop switcher device with these, the low profile jacks will likely not fit side by side and the flex would be inappropriate. 


Optional Lengths: 

If you wish to wire a full pedalboard then there are options. Some of which are 65cm and 1m visible cable length options. As an example, its quite often that one may wish to go from bottom left to top right on a Pedaltrain pedalboard with four spares, such as the Classic JR, a 65cm, for example, would be more than enough to go from one pedal to the other down under and up corner to corner on such a board, 1 metre advised for anything larger than the Classic JR. 


Opposite ends and flexibility:

As shown Sommer Patch cables can flex sufficiently, however, if you are looking for opposite ends for a side to top mounded pedal please select "Zeta" when ordering a specific cable. This listing is designed to order one after the other or one at a time, so you can as you have likely figured out: order as few or as many options as you please whilst adding to the basket one after the other. 



Whilst most pedal users are by now are well versed in pancake jacks fitting certain pedals or loopers correctly, these Patch cables low profile connector will fit almost every single pedal straight through the board, side by side, without any complications... As an example, if you are using a Boss DD-3T and want to add a tap tempo device, two low profile connectors will not fit side by side on the input and remote outputs. Another although a rare occurrence is top-mounted pedals not being able to accommodate two Low Profile connectors because of the power supply plug (usually right angle) or more. Thankfully this is rare now and most DIY pedal builders are waking up to. TC Electronic Smorgasbord for example or any Thorpy FX will fit perfectly these plugs between any size DC jack. Analogman man Prince of Tone, for example, will not, therefore, require at least 1 x Square Plugs by KMMK, right angle or indeed solderless.


Practical Patch can provide single patch cables with Square Plugs for any trouble you may face, just write to enquiries@practicalpatch.co.uk however please note they will not accommodate Sommer the Spirit XXL 

Sommer Patch