Sommer Hoose, Sommer Haus, Sommer House.... made in the hoose! 


Lovely Instrument Cable: an ideal length for at home use to get a taste of what Sommer the Spirit XXL can do for your favourite instrument's signal in your board, amp or audio interface.   


Practical Patch's favourite unbalanced cable for electric guitar and bass put together with Neutrik Connectors and prepared by hand. 


Components list:

  • 2 x Neutrik NP2X-B (Striaght connectors only)
  • 280cm Sommer the Spirit XXL Cable used to produce 
  • Branded Black Practical Patch Heat Shrink over Assemblies
  • Lead-Free solder and Rosin Flux.





Sommer Notes: 

  • Sommer's colour is difficult to photograph, you are probably not as likely to be as bothered about this as Practical Patch is, but just be aware, that in real life it looks even better.
  • What you are about to read does not happen often at all - ready? Here we go: Practical Patch works of 100m Reel's of Sommer Cable,  if you receive a length of cable were it would appear to be buckled or have a lower than 5 degree angled kink, please know that this will have no impact on the cables performance whatsoever. With your use and gravity over time, any kinks in the cables jacket will eventually straighten out.
  • Also over time, Sommer SC-Spirit XXL's jacket becomes more supple, what this means is you will have the same great transfer but gradually the cable will become more and more flexible until it behaves in a way that is familiar to you, how you use it and how you store it, a players best friend. 

Sommer Hoose!