• Slime Green Braid  
  • Van Damme XKE Pro Grade Instrument Cable, Lo-cap 90pf/M , Oxygen Free
  • Instrument Connector - All Black and Gold Sleeve and Tip Neutrik NP2X-B or NP2RX-B 
  • Neutrik Silent Jack, red Assembly, NP2X-AU-SILENT, NP2RX-AU-SILENT
  • Destination Connector - All Black and Gold Sleeve and Tip Neutrik NP2X-B orNP2RX-B
  • Branded Black Practical Patch Heat Shrink 



  • Bright Slime - Slime Green braid over White Van Damme - using white inner cable provides extra UV POP with this braids thicker weave. 
  • Slime Green - now coming with Green inner cable, Practical Patch's most popular braid for live players and those looking for an anti-theft cable! Normally this braid was over black inner cable but in order to make your cable look a little less dull in the daylight and at home. The braid is now applied over Green inner Cable unless you choose Bright Slime. 

Slime Green Custom

Colour Combination
Instrument Connector
Destination Connector

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