Stunning Tweed cable with Neutrik Silent Jack end.


If you are familiar with F type tweed then this is not what this is. More akin to Lyric form and with a cable a little bit more flexible, this is fantastic for at home or the shows where perhaps you do a little less moving around and look a bit better than me! That said if you just want a GREAT cable then Practical Patch highly recommends picking one of these up.... 


Cable Description:

  • If 4m, 413cm is used before Trimming. Fantastic Sommer Tweed Cable, 76pf/M. 
  • Neutrik NP2X-B or NP2RX-B
  • Branded Practical Patch Heat Shrink is placed over the Neutrik Assemblies
  • Choose Neutrik Boot Colour 
  • Choose Red Silent end to arrive with or without Heat Shrink. 


Adored with Neutrik's Reed magnet activated Silent Jack connector. This cable when removed from your instrument grounds signal and thus removes any amp noise in the background.


Please note: tweed no matter how good it is will fray. For longer lasting cables find Practical Patch's hand braided Signature or Instrument cables elsewhere in the store for longevity of condition and colour pop! 



Sommer Silent Tweed