Signature Patch Instrument Cable


Sommer the Spirit XXL cable is favoured here for its incredible tone transfer over much longer distances and its almost compressor like / natural buffering of your instruments signal, you can expect your amp to be driven a little harder but more in the sense of "finally hearing your guitars electorics" to quote a few buyers remarks! 


Hand braided in Genuine Techflex to offer you greater immediate flexibility with this larger diameter cable. Finished with Neutrik Connectors with one end being their impeccable reed magnet activated Silent Jack, this cable is both road and studio worthy. 


Components List:

  • 413/613cm Sommer the Spirit XXL
  • Neutrik NP2XB or NP2RX-B
  • Genuine Techflex Carbon Braid


Patch's thoughts on Lo-Cap cables.... 

I am not going to get into a data game here, Practical Patch has tried a number of cables whilst playing live, recording and further in R&D for this business. All I can say is sometimes the numbers don't always make for the best sounding cable. I have tried lower cap versions by Sommer and Van Damme. Sommer the Spirit XXL is hands down my favourite and I personally think that this cable is a welcome addition to any rig or indeed cable collection. Yes those unilateral lads are as well worth an addition and anything else indeed without snake oil... of which I know is not what I'm selling you here. This is a great cable and you WILL hear a difference. 


When dealing with high quality cables I personally think it needs to sound great straight into an amp or straight into your first pedal in your chain. That is what XXL does, without you having to change anything else about your pedalboard or setup. In my cable adventure so to speak, if I were looking at modding an instrument's electronics, I would geuinenly first plug in as is with a variety of cables before spending any money on new pickups or pots. Thats really how significant the change is and if you've got the ear then your ear shall be well pleased! 



Signature Patch Instrument Cable

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