Colours photographed are pictured as a guide: 

Black: 5cm Visible Cable length Omega Orientation 

Black: 5cm Visible Cable length Zeta Orientation (three grouped together) 

Purple: 6cm Visible Cable length Zeta Orientation

Yellow: 7cm Visible Cable length Omega Orientation

White: 8cm Visible Cable length Zeta Orientation


Price is per cable with any length option or colour.  



Components list:

  • Low Profile Pancake Patch Connectors
  • Black Van Damme XKE Pro Grade Instrument Cable
  • Lead-Free solder and Rosin Flux. All Practical Patch Low Profile connectors have the assembly shells tinned for ground, this results in an everlasting connection.


Shorties have been immensely popular with Practical Patch buyers despite having certain limitations in their well, length! They are simply ideal for top-mounted to top-mounted jack pedals as well as at different lengths, top to side-mounted or indeed side to side-mounted at their lowest length for double spar pedalboards like the Pedaltrain Nano or Classic JR. 


Practical Patch uses Van Damme XKE Pro Grade Instrument cable for Shorties. The thicker cable makes for a highly durable and long lasting patch cable despite strain in some situations being put upon the cable. The thicker jacket of the Instrument cable rather than Pro Patch, guarantees that any long term digging into the jacket (in tight spots) will not damage the cable or worse cause a short.


Patch Cables: when ordering patch cables you are choosing “visible cable length” this is the length of cable that is visible between each exit of each jack connectors assembly. What this means is the tip to tip length will always be greater than the length you order. It's all to do with accuracy and trimming and a little extra your end. For example, 15cm visible cable (21cm used) produces a Low Profile Pancake Connector Patch cable that is near equal length to most standard industry 6 inch patch cables. The connectors always add additional length. In addition, as you will soon see Practical Patch has set prices for various lengths of Patch Cables. Please do “take advantage” of this if you think long term a 35cm visible cable length cable would be more useful from your experience with 30cm visible cable length cables (30cm visible is near equal in length to the 12 inch patch cables you have likely tried before)



    Cable Colour