Amp Pedal? Really really loud and that volume pot has no turn in it? EHX Magnum, Mooer Baby Bomb? Are home volumes unachievable? Yup? Practical Patch has been there as well... 


This cable offers a -25dB solution in a single length. No requirements for any sort of junction boxes and if you had never even thought that there was a way to alter the issue then don't even think about it and just get this.


Cable Description:

  • 34cm Tip to Tip Red Van Damme Pro Patch 
  • Red Heatshrink end goes into Pedal Amp input Orange end into Pedal Amp (this could literally be a junction box a tuner you don't need anything fancy) 
  • Low Profile Pancake Jack Connectors with grounds soldered to shell forever-lasting connection. 
  • -25db taken of the line-level signal 
  • DO NOT USE as an ordinary patch cable. 


This cable works by plugging the orange jack end into the last pedal in your chain and you've guessed it, the red heat shrink end goes into your amp pedal and that's it. Job done. You should now be able to use that Pedal Amp's volume knob to get a greater sweep of control to utilize at home at lower volumes.  

    This cable will absolutely lower the highest output of your device so it is worth considering using it all the time as in when playing live etc. There is also the chance of the smallest, tinniest, near insignificant increase to your rig's noise floor but everything you have placed before it will of course be the most significant factor. 


    Use this Quieter Patch Cable at home and when you are at Practice or out live (again) take it out and rip it up! The stage, not the cable... 


    Any questions please email Practical Patch. These cables are already with users in the UK and have been thoroughly tested. It's Science Yo! 

    Quieter Patch Cable