The third and latest offering from Chevtone FX. 


Here's what the man himself has to say: 

The Preacher offers a low gain drive that sits right between your favourite tweed combo sounds and cranked JTM45 type tones.  Perfectly suited for blues style players, stomp ahead and preach it!


Wired using hand-selected carbon film resistors, vintage high-end Paper In Oil, Silver Mica, Highest Quality Wima Capacitors and Neutrik jacks. This pedal is built to last a lifetime. 


Thoughts from Practical Patch

This is a delightful low gain pedal, a sweetener if you will, always on would be most welcome to any setup. The shape control around 2 o clock with the rest to suit, reminds the ear of a Prince of Tone set to boost mode. This is however of course based on the Messiah Drive in low gain setting. Something Patch loves to do with his Messiah is exactly that which has just been described. There's more happening with that shape control though, you can take your transparent levels anywhere you want and shape to taste. Build quality is impeccable, wholeheartedly mean that. The Preacher should honestly be in any serious players inventory. 


PLEASE NOTE: This pedal does not accept a battery and can only be powered with Centre Negative Boss Style 2.1mm DC connector. You may run the Preacher safely at either 9 or 18Volts. 


Build time and Shipping: Practical Patch notes - 

Chevtone FX pedals in stock with Practical Patch have inventory managed to ensure speedy shipping to you. In the event of a restock taking place, Practical Patch may have to provide Chevtone FX with a shipping label to get your order to you quicker. What this means is by purchasing here you are allowing Practical Patch to possibly share your full name and address only with Chevtone FX. However unlikely please note that the maximum lead time for a pedal build not in stock with Practical Patch could be 2-3 weeks. For any more information please write to Practical Patch or Chevtone FX. 

Preacher Drive


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