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Foot switchable Passive Volume Box for amps effects loop or any line-level usage. Particularly popular for use with Fender Deville however the switchable variety can be deployed in ways that you may not have considered.


Produced to the highest standard for a lifetime of use. Footswitchable volume boxes act as an immediate level drop for clean up, level setting after a pedal or indeed when using in an amps effects loop, you can provide a single channel amp with a lower volume second "channel" 


Please NEVER under any circumstances use this device between head and cab or after any power amp pedal such as EHX Magnum or Moore baby bomb. You will fry the potentiometer within or worse damage your amp or speaker cab. 


Knobs: This listing is presently only in stock at a level of one due the what Patch believes is an old Fender Jazz Bass knob pictured. There are more knobs! If this listing reads out of stock please do not hesitate to email: and I will make you one. 


Build time: From start to finish therefor interruptions need be avoided. This pedal could take anywhere between 1-2 days for Patch to produce depending as well on other workload. 



Passive Volume Pedal


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