Passive Single Looper Pedal  (loop for pedals not audio repeats) 


Produced by Practical Patch this general utility pedal also incorporates two built-in 50cm Square Plug tipped cables for send and return. Simple place any pedal you wish to isolate withing this looper and turn on and off at will. 


This device has been fitted with the Square Plug connector ends as they are guaranteed to fit any pedal you put into the loop. An excellent use of a single looper pedal is to isolate a NOISY pedal however one of my favourite uses for this is with a Boss DD-3 when using its DI-Output. For anyone who has used the DD-3 this way before, you will know that as soon as you turn the pedal off, you're originally signal heads off in the wrong direction making the DD-3 used in this way an always on. Isolating in a looper will allow you to turn on and off the delay effect from arriving at the PA or indeed however you choose to amplify that signal. 


There are countless more uses for a single looper pedal and there are also alternatives on the market. This pedal for this price offers you a fully good to go option which as mentioned, will fit anything and save you picking up additional cable/cables. 


Produced Using

  • 1590a Raw Genuine Hammond Enclosure 
  • Neutrik Sockets 
  • Van Damme Pro Patch XKE Cable, Lo-Cap 90pf/M Oxygen Free. The tip of each cables connectors reach is approx 55cm from enclosure exit.  
  • Lead FREE Solder 
  • No power requirements this pedal is entirely passive 
  • Handmade by Practical Patch from beginning to end! 



Passive Patch Cable Looper Pedal


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