Obviously not exclusively for use with attenuators however demand has proven that generally, that these cables are desperately needed. Gone are the days it would seem of multiples cables and a female to female adaptor. Although you can do that if you want to! It seems all of us want to make sure that everything will remain firm and in place when it comes to pushing our valve amps further than we once could before! 


If you are here and about to purchase then you most likely know what you would require such a cable for. If you are curious as to the requirements for a Female ended speaker cable, look no further for a solution that will enable utilising an amp combos speaker with an independent amp head or indeed placing anything from the UA Ox Box, Waza TAE, Fryette Power Station and so on comfortably on top of your all-valve combo amp, locking unto its loose 1/4' / 6.35mm Male Jack Plug. 


Another great use for these adaptor cables is as an extension cable into the back of a desktop attenuator. This will enable you to be able to switch out other amps by changing speaker cables and not having to get in behind your attenuation device. 


Components list:

  • Neutrik NP2X-B or NP2RX-B, Black Shells, Gold TS. Long life, built to withstand anything. The best. Connector [B] and or  [A] 
  • Neutrik Female Socket NJ3FC-BAG All Black Assembly, Red Lock Switch One end only. Connector [A]  
  • Van Damme Black Series 1.5mm Cores Speaker Cable
  • Branded Practical Patch Heat shrink - only applied over Male Neutrik Connectors. 
  • Genuine Techflex Braiding
  • Lead-Free solder and Rosin Flux.


Practical Patch would advise here that it is better to have a minimum of 1m in length for dealing with any of the situations described. For example, if the socket is going to be attached to a combo amps speaker 1/4' jack. You do not want there to be a strain on the cable or connector for the combo amps speakers. One metre in the case of most combo amps sizes, should more than sufficient to help the cable sag where it needs to. I repeat, you DO NOT want anything to be pulling fighting for slack deploying these devices in this way. 


If you have any further questions or require anything other than what is available here, please visit the custom order section and write to Practical Patch with your enquiry. 



Adaptor or Speaker Cable