Y Splitter cables brought together with your chosen length of Evidence Audio monorail. Please order a length you think you will require for trimming and utilising your own SIS connectors or indeed, a length that you can possible salvage any scraps from! 


Cable Description: 

  • Single ended Evidence Audio Monorail Y Splitter 
  • Tip/ Signal send is signified by piece of black heat shrink along length 
  • Ring is bare piece of Monorail in Graphite
  • Length chosen will be the length extended out of your chosen connector. So if 40cm you will have 40cm to work with. 
  • If 40cm ordered Practical Patch will deploy up to 1m (2 x 50cm of cable to cater for trimming) It's possible you may always receive a little extra length but I wouldn't advise banking on that. Monorail is not for throwing in the bin! 


Practical Patch is simply doing the soldering at the other end here. Therefore, to complete this hybrid cable you will need to use your own SIS or pick up some from the Practical Patch store as they are listed presently! 


That said if you also order SIS Right Angle Connectors with Practical Patch then Practical Patch can apply them for you if you wish. Please leave a note in the text field provided - you obviously have to checkout with the two SIS Connectors required. 


Along the length of Monorail the cable soldered to TIP is signified by a small black piece of heat shrink close to were the cable reveals from your chosen connector. 


Please Note: the pictures brought together above are just a representation of the final product. For example Practical Patch will be adding a piece of black heat shrink over the cables and low profile connector as it exits the assembly. The Right Angle Neutirk will also have branded Practical Patch heat shrink.  


TRS Plug options include:

Practical Patch Low Profile Pancake type - along side evidence plugs on pedals such as Strymon of indeed other low profile plugs these connectors will side side by side. That said please be advised that that will not be the cause for any and all pedals. 


Neutrik NP3RX-B - Right Angle 

Probably the most recognised brand on the planet for everlasting connectors. Incredible construction with chuck rention system. Practical Patch will add its Branded Heat Shrink over this connector. Apologies for lack of imagery at present but this can be seen elsewhere on the website. 


Neutrik NP3X-B - Straight

Neutrik Straight TRS Connector - as with the Right Angle above gold plating, copper conductor core. Perfect. 


Creation Music Company - TRS Stubby 

John at Creation knows his boards and knows when you require the smallest solution possible. Presently the shortest barrel length connector on the market. Ideal for switchers like the MS-3 by Boss or Gigrig Atom. 


This Y splitter cable can be used for both audio of control sends. For futher options or details please write to Practical Patch at enquiries@practicalpatch.co.uk 


EA Monorail Hybrid Y Splitter