Messiah Drive, the flagship drive pedal handmade by Adam at Chevtone FX in Solihull, England, UK. 


Here's what the man himself has to say: 

The Messiah gets you into that classic black and gold roaring stack territory using carefully selected op-amp based circuit. An asymmetrical diode layout for the clipping section allows for a true amp-like feel and you get the pick response dynamics that so many of us love plugging into a loud valve amp! 


With the toggle switch in the upwards position, you access the low gain side of the circuit. The low gain takes you from classic edge of break up all the way to a serious vintage crunch.


Toggle Switch downwards position lifts you into high gain mode, switching it up a gear takes the Messiah into hot-rodded valve amp tones and beyond, you can c it takes you to those hot-rodded amp tones and beyond. Once described as being able to go from Koss to Moore, I could not agree more with this statement. 


Wired using hand-selected carbon film resistors, vintage high-end Paper In Oil, Silver Mica, Highest Quality Wima Capacitors and Neutrik jacks. This pedal is built to last a lifetime. 


Thoughts from Practical Patch:

Owning a Messiah Drive myself before teaming up with Adam to offer a more streamlined delivery service, I am of course more than familiar with that which has been stated above and full and completely enamoured with this pedal. 


For quite some time I have been seeking an OD or Amp in a Box to get myself somewhere up to the cranked amp tones that I am very used to. The Messiah delivers this and more. Replaced immediately a brown JTM-45 amp in the box pedal that I had quite enjoyed up into the point the Messiah arrived with me.


The Messiah blew it out the water for clarity and maintained that signal I am now so used to enjoying. Not only that positive experience is enough to overview this pedal. As well as an amp in a box it can totally and completely take you into souring lead territories with your amp set loud and clean. (Even if attenuated...) 


Absolutely smitten with my own I hope you will be too. Another way I like to run the Messiah is as a clean boost/preamp. Low Gain setting selected, volume past 2 o clock, gain down around 7-8 o clock, crank up the bass to 4 o clock and treble to taste, as soon as I am there I am delighted adding anything before this pedal or even just playing clean. 


Astonishing work by Adam and I think his work is some of the best I have been fortunate enough to own or sample from builders across the UK, who I know for a fact will agree. 


PLEASE NOTE: This pedal does not accept a battery and can only be powered with Centre Negative Boss Style 2.1mm DC connector. You may run the Messiah Drive safely at either 9 or 18Volts. 


Build time and Shipping: Practical Patch notes - 

Chevtone FX pedals are in stock with Practical Patch have inventory managed. Build times will be communicated in the event of a restock. Presently there is no wait time, these pedals will dispatch same day

Messiah Drive


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