Master Volume Box for amps effects loop or any line-level usage. Particularly popular with Fender Deville. 


Produced to the highest standard for a lifetime of use. Please NEVER under any circumstances use this device between head and cab or after any power amp pedal such as EHX Magnum or Moore baby bomb. You will fry the potentiometer within or worse damage your amp or speaker cab. 


Practical Patch hack: although cumbersome if ever on occasion you wish to mix things up for this to be switchable, add to loop or any looper device in amps FX loop and switch in and out, turn one channel amp into two! 


New for 2021! All Practical Patch utility devices or pedals will now come adorned with a domed "pedalboard" branded sticker, brings a bit of colour and life to an otherwise raw seen on the master volume box listing. 


Hand polished battery boxes will remain shiny with no dome! More to come all in good time, but nothing extraordinary fancy!  



Master Volume Box