Simple Fig 8 Y Splitter Cable, coloured shrink end is send, under shrink end is return. This cable will be semi divided by Practical Patch for assembly. Once in your posession you can pull both lengths futher apart if required. 


Produced Using: 

  • 1 x Low Profile TRS Connector 
  • 2 x Low Profile TS Connectors 
  • Your choice of coloured Heat Shrink for signal end 
  • German made Sommer Fig8 Splittable cable. 


These pancake style ends do fit the likes of Strymon Timeline / Iridium. That said you may need to rotate / angle them to get passed one another before moving into resting position. Some customers have reported the use of a small file to trim less than 1mm from the sides of the connectors. 

If you do not want to have to go through this then please view Square Plug listings! 

Low Profile Y Splitter

Signal End Colour