Custom length Low Profile stereo patch cable for signal sends or audio. 


When measuring the length you require it is advised you go on how long is a piece of string. Measure from jack to jack and order that length as visible cable length. Visible cable length is that which can be seen and is measurable between each connectors assembly. You will always find that the little extra instead or trying to measure tip to tip will absolutely come in handy if not now then at a later date. 


There are no price changes for length required. 


Produced using:

  • KMMK Solutions SP550-S TRS Connectors 
  • Your chosen visible cable length of Black Van Damme Mic Pro Patch +/-5mm 
  • Soldered to Assembly Ground for an everlasting connection as well as inside heat shrink insulation as well as disc to prevent any shorts now or in the future 
  • Built to last 


You can also choose connector orientation. This is less important once you pass around 34cm of visible cable length. 


Omega and Zeta configurations and show in the graphics apart of this listing. 

KMMK TRS Patch Cable