Any ID? Terrible sorry.... Please select a colour for your chosen length and connector ends.


The idea here is to provide options for when you maybe just require a little visual aid on a big pedalboard that you change around regularly. Proper Cable built to last and to help your headaches: for across board purposes something around 1m would be more than adequate for a Pedaltrain Classic JR 


Produced Using: 

  • Practical Patch's Chosen Low Profile Connectors 
  • Rean Straight Connectors if chosen 
  • Black Van Damme Pro Patch Lo-Cap 90pf/M 
  • Coloured Heat Shrink of your choosing 
  • Finished to Practical Patch's Standards. All Low profile connectors have shell tinned for ground for an everlasting connection 


Please note as these lengths opposite ends are not required as there is enough flex in the cable length so no need to choose between Practical Patch's Omega and Zeta options


ID Patch Cables

Heat Shrink Colour