Price is for one single SIS Connector and quantity is dictated by your adding to cart. Presently inventory is managed at lower levels due to stocks being reserved for future pedalboard wiring work


Practical Patch is happy to be offering up solderless connectors in the form of Evidence Audio SIS who by now should need no introduction....


Having had hands-on experience with Evidence audio products before, I am confident to write that these are without doubt, the best solderless option on the market. Following the assembly guide with their Monorail Cable or indeed having Practical Patch assemble on your behalf as a hybrid soldered to solderless product: Evidences system for connection via its timming method removes a fundamental flaw in some if not all other solderless options on the market.


That is why Practical Patch is willing to offer up these connectors to long-standing customers as well as anyone new who may already be using Evidence or indeed Practical Patch products in the form of instrument cables or otherwise. 


If you would like to use Practical Patch to purchase Evidence products in greater quantity or indeed have a board hand-wired with your preferred cable and connectors that you may indeed already own. Please write to Pracitcal Patch at for a quote. 


Monorail in Graphite is presently purchasable by the centimitre from 31cm upwards rather than by 1FT price. Practical Patch works off continous length and measures what you require with a metre stick firmly drilled into place on my workbench for the upmost accuracy. No measuring tapes around here! 



Evidence SIS Right Angle Connector