• Xcm of Silver Plated Stereo Patch Cable used, this makes Xcm tip to tip, therefor 50cm is 50cm tip to tip, please allow for variance of +/- 5mm
  • Genuine Techflex Carbon Braid, total diameter of cable under 5mm, super thin for this cable type and under or across board organisation 
  • Low Profile TRS Connectors, lead-free solder rosin flux, grounds are tinned and soldered to assembly for everlasting connection 
  • Black Branded Practical Patch Heat Shrink 



These Low Profile TRS plugs are known to fit with Stymon devices alongside other Low Profile connectors used by Practical Patch. However, if you are using ANY Low Profile / Pancake type connector with a Boss Pedals such as the DD-3T this connector will not fit the tap tempo output. Some other pedals such as EHX Canyon this connector will not be fit for purpose unless it is alongside a solderless plug, which is the same for Boss Pedals.  This is not the case for all EHX devices or indeed every pedal on the market, its case of trial and error to figure out all possible compatibility and thankfully Practical Patch does know of quite a few! TC Electronic large HOF for example would accommodate if using in Mono, not known if it would work in Stereo. Any TC Pedal that offers stereo shaped like the Sentry or Hof size enclosure will not accommodate Low Profile plugs using all sockets and requires Square Plugs. 


Please Write to Practical Patch with any concerns or for any other solutions as there are many more connector options held in stock at Patch HQ. Please just bear in mind that your custom cable may no look as slick! 

Custom TRS Patch Cable

Heat Shrink

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