The Honeyburst overdrive is described as your amps new best friend: a great companion to and clean or driven amp, with unparalleled transparency, it allows for you and your playing to do the talking, so to speak! 


Here's what the man himself has to say: 

The Honeyburst will take you from beautiful dynamic tube-like grit to smooth saturated compression, whilst still maintaining a detailed and articulation of your playing. The Honeyburst clipping section allows you to choose between Silicon, LED or Germanium Diodes. 


The change is subtle so the best plan of attack is to use your ear, with your rig from buffers to bypass pedals or cable length, the changes in feel are going to be best experienced in your hands. As a rough guide from my own experiences, Silicone mode offers a more immediate attack. The LED's maintain a transparent clarity the Germanium overs a smooth bloom to you're sound.


The Tone control allows you to fine-tune your EQ to suit your aural taste with any pickup configuration. With a hand-soldered, bespoke PCB design, it looks as good inside it does outside.


Wired using hand-selected carbon film resistors, vintage high-end Paper In Oil, Silver Mica, Highest Quality Wima Capacitors and Neutrik jacks. This pedal is built to last a lifetime. 


Thoughts from Practical Patch

Probably the best TS style pedal that has even been in the workshop/s. LED setting with high gain into a cranked Plexi totally and completely brings out that phenomenal high sustain Lead that any guitarist could want. Switching down or up to the transistor's really brings about some crushing richness if you want it to be that way. Soaring lead tones and if you want to riff out in the same settings, you can get almost bit crushery fuzz tones messing about with single note riffs and power chords. Very cool indeed! 


PLEASE NOTE: This pedal does not accept a battery and can only be powered with Centre Negative Boss Style 2.1mm DC connector. You may run the Honeyburst safely at either 9 or 18Volts. 


Build time and Shipping: Practical Patch notes - 

Chevtone FX pedals are in stock with Practical Patch have inventory managed. Build times will be communicated in the event of a restock. Presently there is no wait time, these pedals will dispatch same day

Honeyburst Overdrive


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