Sommer the Spirit XXL cable offers an incredible tone transfer over much longer distances and its almost compressor like / natural buffering of your instrument's signal, you can expect your amp to be driven a little harder but more in the sense of "finally hearing your guitars electronics" to quote a few buyers remarks! 


Hand braided to offer you greater immediate flexibility with this larger diameter cable. Finished with Neutrik Connectors and Practical Patch's purpose made heat shrink. This cable will outlive anything you presently own and will I hope be a joyful addition to your guitar or bass playing experience! 


Components List:

  • If 4m, 413 of Sommer the Spirit XXL is used before Trimming. 
  • Neutrik NP2X-B or NP2RX-B
  • Genuine Techflex Braid 
  • Branded Practical Patch Heat Shrink is placed over the Neutrik Assemblies


If you would like one of these cables prepared with a Neutrik Silent Jack please email 


Taken from the Signature Patch Listing, here are some more thoughts on this fantastic cable: 


I am not going to get into a data game here or use words like Deluxe, Boutique, Cult, or anything else that would be an attempt to add any weight to this, it has enough of that already! Here is what I will say, my name's Chris, I am the guy that makes cables at Practical Patch and I've had the pleasure of trying a lot of different cables.....


Over years of playing in bands, recording, and more importantly whilst developing this business, connected to LOUD amps that were apart of some fairly complex and complete setups as well as direct. I have learned to appreciate that indeed a bit of cable can really make a difference. 


Roll the years back over ten (I think!) and I remember walking into what was once called Sound Control in Edinburgh's Grassmarket. I'm not sure what I was thinking at the time, but I had a Fender American Deluxe Jazz IV, and spending fifty quid on a certain "Deluxe Tweed Cable" by them seemed the logical thing to do. That cable, however, lasted me until 2019, and yes, it still worked. That cable was gigged heavily but most importantly it was well looked after.  That said, even though it was with me all that time it never really made me consider really if my money had paid anything towards the sound.....


Having now tried a load of one-directional, lo-cap, multicore, or unicorn copper cable types now with various constructions, all I can say is sometimes numbers on paper are not enough to make up your mind on what is going to be a great sounding cable and in fact, many of us will have purchased a cable without reading anything more than a brand name or the buzz words previously mentioned. It's amazing despite the evidence how many people still plug their cable in the wrong way round... 


Yes, okay, I will admit it, capacitance is important, and with this specific instrument cable, it may not be the lowest value pf/M on the market the XXL, despite this, to my ear and past buyers it seems to outperform all or many other "posh" instrument cables they have tried.   Feedback from buyers is astonishing, it's the lower-end transfer that makes this special. With so many players playing on their own just now it's really lovely to have certain frequencies fill up the room. XXL has been around a while but not like this, not with this many options, and finished to dare I say my standards. It really all is the work of one here at Practical Patch.....


Now, please, let me make this as clear as possible, as much as it pains me to say it, you are not going to need another instrument cable again, okay, well maybe you will! Perhaps you will need another length, a new colour, perhaps change connectors orientation or may fancy a Silent Jack. That's great, that's fantastic, that happens a lot here at Practical Patch....but what I want to communicate finally, is you are getting a cable that will last you a lifetime, and honestly, I would go as far as to say you can even feel how good it is with the strings under your fingers... 


Thanks for reading, regards


Chris - Practical Patch  






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