Red Van Damme adored in the tramendous Genuine Black Techflex sleeving. Nothing to hide though, check out the description below if you even need to..... 


Cable Description:

  • Van Damme Instrument Cable, Lo-cap 90pf/M and Flexible  - no snake oil here, Oxygen-Free tells you that the cable has been produced with the best copper for purpose. It means that this cable finished with Neutrik Ends sealing will not degrade due to the elements, therefore, no soldered connection will sever or for want of a better word "rust away" or degrade over time.
  • All Black and Gold Sleeve and Tip Neutrik NP2X-B or NP2RX-B, Gold does improve conductivity however the results are possibly negligible to the human ear. What gold plating does offer is again, longevity, as moisture will not degrade the contacts.  
  • Genuine Techflex 
  • Branded Black Practical Patch Heat Shrink Covers Neutrik Assemblies








Cloaked Custom