The cable all cable guys aim to make as their first foray into the business. Practical Patch has sold hundreds of these Patch Cables and has now decided to list them once again on the website. 


These cables are held in stock and thusly there is no lead time. They will ship near immediately. Priced the same as Shorties but without the option of setting opposite ends or changing length. This cable is perfect for small boards or pedals on the floor. Produced using Van damme XKE Pro Grade Instrument Cable. Hugely flexible cable jacket with a Lo-Cap 90pf/M. That's right, more clarity than Mogami...... 


Produced using:

  • 21cm Black or Purple Van Damme XKE Pro Grade Instrument Cable, 15cm Visible cable length remains, 19cm tip to tip. If you don't care for metric measurements then this is your  industry standard 6' Patch Cable
  • Low Profile Pancake Jack Connectors. Hard as nails, clamp down perfectly on this cable jacket's thickness. Grounds within soldered to the assemblies shell of connector for an everlasting connection. 

Classic Patch