Need what you already know? This listing is for Practical Patch as per industry standards. 


15cm cable is your classic 6 inch Patch Cable and the other is double that! 


Components list:

  • Low Profile Pancake Patch Connectors

  • Black or Red Van Damme XKE Pro Patch cable - approx 4.5mm in diameter, ideal of tight pedal boards and cable management

  • Black Branded Heat Shrink

  • Lead-Free solder and Rosin Flux. All Practical Patch Low Profile connectors have the assembly shells tinned for ground, this results in an everlasting connection.



These Patch Cables come with Branded Heat shrink, as per friendly customers desire to "represent"  also avalible in Red Pro Patch Cable, these are badass and built to last! 

Branded Patch

Cable Colour

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