Choose from three colour combos, Heath, Silver Fox or Copper Sands. 


Choose between Zeta and Omega connector orientations. Use text box provided to communicate. 


Produced for your visual stimulus as well as tonal transfer between your pedals, these braided Patch Cables are built to last wuther with use on a board or with your favourite pedals on the floor.


Throw them around, kick them across a room, dump them in a box or lose them behind the sofa, they will continue to function!


Components List:

  • Low Profile Pancake Jack Connectors
  • 15cm Visible Cable Length Patch Cables, this is your standard six-inch Patch Cable. 21cm of Coloured Jacket cable is used, Lo-Cap with brilliant Foamed-Polyethylene for Low Noise Operation
  • Genuine Techflex Braiding 
  • Clear Practical Patch Branded Heat Shrink 
  • All Practical Patch Low Profile connectors have the assembly shells

    tinned for ground, this results in an everlasting connection.



  • Heath - now available in Patch Cable form, Purple inner Jacket with Pine Green braid. Originally brought together by Kerry at Zero fret it's lovely to finally see these matching the previously produced instrument cables. 
  • Silver Fox - Carbon braid over Grey inner cable. These darker patch cables will complement nearly any setup. With visible white, black, and grey visuals that are caught in the light. Bring a little sparkle to a board that may already be a monochrome joy to look at. 
  • Copper Sands - Sands braid over a Copper/Bronze inner cable. These are a bit modern tweed-like bling, which of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with! Will work well for whoever desires them but also look great on any wooden boards. Deploy as you please!


For even more flexible, longer, or future proof Patch Cables please see Practical Patch's low profile custom length listings or Square Plug options. If you require any alternative length braided Patch Cables please write to Practical Patch at 



Braided Patch Cables

Colour Combination