Add a Neutrik Silent Jack to any cable you are ordering with Practical Patch.


  • Neutrik NPRX-AU- SILENT: Straight Silent Connector
  • Neutrik NP2X-AU-SILENT: Right Angle Silent Connector


Please specify in mandatory text field which item in your order you would like a Silent Jack added to. As an example for ease of communication..... If ordering a Slime Green cable Straight to Silent Right Angle.


Please select Right Angle in this listing and write "Slime Green RIGHT ANGLE SILENT"


Please Note: Practical Patch is not a wholesaler. This listing is purely for people to add a silent jack to their custom cable for an additional fiver. If you attempt to buy either of these Neutrik Connectors as a part or parts. Practical Patch will not ship to you and will not refund any monies. Thank you, Practical Patch.

Add Neutrik Silent Jack...


This connector is priced at £5.00 because it will be exhanged against one of the connectors paid for by you the customer when ordering a custom cable from Practical Patch. Practical Patch is not a wholesaler.  Please see "not a wholesale price" above^