• Pine Green Braid  
  • Van Damme XKE Pro Grade Instrument Cable, Lo-cap 90pf/M , Oxygen Free
  • Instrument Connector - All Black and Gold Sleeve and Tip Neutrik NP2X-B orNP2RX-B 
  • Neutrik Silent Jack, red Assembly, NP2X-AU-SILENT, NP2RX-AU-SILENT
  • Destination Connector - All Black and Gold Sleeve and Tip Neutrik NP2X-B orNP2RX-B
  • Branded Black Practical Patch Heat Shrink (White heat shrink with white connectors) 



  • Zero Fret - Kerry at the Zero Fret came up with this combo, Purple inner and Pine on top. Such a striking cable it has gone out to those who doom and those who possibly do not! 
  • Deluca Green - Patch placed over Grey inner and Deluca was born: a terrible pun but a popular combo! 
  • Swamp - "Charley Hicks" who you may now know as David and the Devil, couldn't resist the British Racing Green Vibe, thus Pine was placed over inner Green and Swamp was born. 
  • Ken-per - Pine Green over Black inner, Some twenty or so instrument cables have gone out in this combination, a sign of the times! 




Pine Green Custom

Colour Combination
Instrument Connector
Destination Connector

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