Choose between Low Profile Pancake Jack Connectors either end or Straight to Low Profile. 


Components list:

  • Low Profile Pancake Patch Connectors

  • Rean NYS201 Straight Connector (barrel length is 35.5mm out of any pedal or loopers socket)

  • Van Damme XKE Pro Patch cable - approx 4.5mm in diameter, ideal of tight pedal boards and cable


  • Black Heat Shrink which is over cable, under and within assembly (non branded)

  • Lead-Free solder and Rosin Flux. All Practical Patch Low Profile connectors have the assembly shells

    tinned for ground, this results in an everlasting connection.


Please note as these lengths opposite ends are not required as there is enough flex in the cable length so no need to choose between Practical Patch's Omega and Zeta options


When ordering patch cables you are choosing “visible cable length” this is the length of cable that is visible between each exit of each jack connectors assembly. What this means is the tip to tip length will always be greater than the length you order. It's all to do with accuracy and trimming and a little extra your end. For example, 15cm visible cable (21cm used) produces a Low Profile Pancake Connector Patch cable that is near equal length to most standard industry 6 inch patch cables. The connectors always add additional length. In addition, as you will soon see Practical Patch has set prices for various lengths of Patch Cables. Please do “take advantage” of this if you think long term a 35cm visible cable length cable would be more useful from your experience with 30cm visible cable length cables (30cm visible is near equal in length to of the shelf 12 inch patch cables you have likely tried before)


36-65cm Custom Length Patch Cable