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The bulk of Practical Patch work is frankly stunning handmade instrument cables with this Geuine Techflex braid offering up visual delight to the user! Produced with all Neutrik connectors you are buying a bespoke cable that will likely outlive Practical Patch itself! 


Components list:

  • Neutrik Connectors, NP2X-B / NP2RX-B - All Black Assemblies with Gold Plated sleeve and tip.
  • Or Neutrik NP2X-WT - Straight Orientation only, White Assemblies with Chrome sleeve and tip.
  • 313cm Van Damme XKE Pro Grade Instrument Cable
  • Branded Practical Patch Heat shrink - white, black, or, clear
  • Genuine Techflex Braiding as well as other Pet Type Braidings (Slime Green, Wicked Purple) • Lead-Free solder and Rosin Flux.


Some Popular colour combos and their "underground" names

  • Heath - Pine Green over Purple produced for Zero Fret and a number of other buyers since its inception! 
  • Slime Green - Inner colour has less of an impact with this braid, choose white for extra pop, anything else behaves similiarly to black jacket cable. 
  • Wicked Purple - New kid on the block replacing "Very Purple" this braid looks fantastic over black or purple jacket cable, or indeed anything else you can dream up! 
  • Shelly - Sands (Beige) over Yellow, great vintage looks. 
  • Silver Fox - Carbon over Black, not just for those of us out the 90s! 
  • Oxblood - Carbon over Red, great looking certain pickguard looking cable, named by Boost Pedals (check out their website for instock pedals, cables and more!)
  • Bitter Lemon - Aqua Vitae over Yellow. Really glows like the drink itself! 
  • Gaia - Lustrous Yellow over Green. Stunning in all lights, looks a lot like an earth wire! 
  • Batternburg - House Pink over Yellow. Simply delicious! 
  • Bumblebee - Lustrous Yellow over Purple, this combo really really works. 
  • Periwinkle - Aqua Vitae over Purple, stunning looks and a lot like the flower itself.


There are many more combos to be made and named, however please do call it whatever you will or indeed, call it a cable! 


Further Reading for Instrument Cables: 

Practical Patch takes any value you order in metric or imperial then and adds 13cm to the length for trimming for connectors. What this generally means is if you order a 3m cable, 313cm will be used and after trimming and connectors applied, the minimum length of your cable will be 3m, tip to tip it will always be greater. Essentially with instrument cables try and apply a live and let live attitude. You may order two 3m cables and one may not equal exactly (we are talking like +/-2cm) the same length as the other but they will both always be greater in length than the length you have ordered. This is not due to error by the maker it is simple down to tolerances based on components orientation and how cable behaves when getting ready for final assembly.


3 Meter Custom Neutrik

Cable Colour
Heat Shrink
Neutrik Boot

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