Choose between KMMK Solutions SP400 and or SPS5 Staight Connector. 


When ordering both ends SP400 Square Plugs at lower lengths its important to consider orentation. Striaght to Square please just select Omega. 


Omega: your standard orientation, when backs of connectors are together (between two pedals) the cable produces and Omega Shape. Ω


Zeta: This means the connectors always point in opposite directions. Ideal for side to top mounted jack pedals, or indeed long lengths across the hypotenuse of a pedalboards underbody. 


Components list:

  • KMMK Square Plug SP400 the worlds most accomodating low profile soldered connector for custom cables

  • KMMK SPS5 Straight Connector the worlds shortest soldered straight connector. Coming in at approx 20mm length out of your devices jack socket you will not find a shorter soldered soloution for custom cables - please note Practical Patch uses SPS5 purely to accomodate various cable diameters: the 4 and 5 in KMMK products signify maximum diameter 

  • Van Damme XKE Pro Patch cable - approx 4.5mm in diameter, ideal of tight pedal boards and cable management


When ordering patch cables you are choosing “visible cable length” this is the length of cable that is visible between each exit of each jack connectors assembly +/-5mm varience maximum. What this means is the tip to tip length will always be greater than the length you order.


It's all to do with accuracy and trimming and a little extra your end. Practical Patch would advise when measuring up for longer cable runs or indeed between two pedals that you take a piece of string... run it as you have planned then mark with a marker pen and measure. That marked length between each devices or pedals sockets is what you should order in visible cable length.

10-35cm KMMK