Square Plugs - these connectors are the worlds smallest soldered right angle connector that can be accommodated by nearly every single pedal on the market. Wuther a TC Electronic or Boss being used in Stereo, a tight top mounted jack pedal such as the Prince of Tone. It is highly unlikely that you are going to run into any compatibility issues when deploying your Square Plug ended Patch Cables, now and into the future. 


When ordering all Square Plug cables connector orientation is relevant.


Omega: your standard orientation, when backs of connectors are together (between two pedals) the cable produces and Omega Shape. Ω


Zeta: This means the connectors always point in opposite directions. Ideal for side to top mounted jack pedals, or indeed long lengths across the hypotenuse of a pedalboards underbody. 


Components list:

  • SP400 Square PLugs

  • Van Damme XKE Pro Patch cable - approx 4.5mm in diameter, ideal of tight pedalboards and cable management

  • Lead-FREE Rosin Solder


When ordering patch cables you are choosing “visible cable length” this is the length of cable that is visible between each exit of each jack connectors assembly. What this means is the tip to tip length will always be greater than the length you order. It's all to do with accuracy and trimming and a little extra your end. For example, 15cm visible cable (19.5cm used) produces a Square Plug Patch cable that is near equal length to most standard industry 6-inch patch cables.


The connectors always add additional length. In addition, as you will soon see Practical Patch has set prices for various lengths of Patch Cables. Please do “take advantage” of this if you think long term a 35cm visible cable length cable would be more useful from you than possible previous experience with 30cm visible cable length cables when changing things around on your board  (30cm visible is near equal in length to of the shelf 12-inch patch cables you have likely tried before)





Whilst Square Plugs so solve a large number of compatibility problems, Practical Patch does know that they do not fit side by side between a DC Barrel on some Dan Electro Top Mounted Pedals and are not suitable for Boss devices such as MS-3 and ES-8. KMMK Solutions do also offer the SPS4 Connectors, the worlds shortest soldered straight connector, this is ideal for any looper switchers or devices that have input and output jacks very close together. If you have any concerns about Square Plug or any other connectors fitting with any of your pedals input or output locations please write to Practical Patch before ordering.

10-35cm Custom Length Square Plugs


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