Do you do custom orders?


Oh yes, absolutely, custom orders account for almost 80% of Practical Patch's work sent out over the world! 

From multi-coloured braided cable hauls, utility devices, multiple patch cable solutions or that which can normally not be purchased at a custom length. Practical Patch will endeavour to produce what you need as well as what you want.


When getting in touch...

Please remember to include a name, use a valid email address and if you are not in the UK please communicate which country you are in so Practical Patch can offer a shipping cost estimate. 

click here to email 

UK Postage postage is assumed at £5.00, please go to contact for more information on shipping and balanced cable custom orders. Practical Patch will, of course, consider any custom order.


.....Direct Messaging

For instant messaging outside of this website, Instagram is a good place to reach Practical Patch.

If you would like a mobile number for WhatsApp, FB Messenger or Text message please email first for initial

contact and the number will be given in response.


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