Do you do custom orders?

Oh yes, absolutely, custom and direct orders account for almost 70% of Practical Patch's work completed. The images above are intended to suggest that no job is too big or too small.... just write to Practical Patch

What happened to/where have all your colours gone?

Pleasing everyone was difficult and It got ridiculous. Practical Patch had 100+ braid and cable combination possibilities between available braids and inner Van Damme colours. In late Summer 2020 the decision was made to reduce the range of colours offered and provide instead more solutions and services. THAT SAID Practical Patch is totally and completely aware that having that thing to show off with on stage will be a priority again. So writing this in Feb 2021 I can assure you that there are plans to get some of the more popular braid options back in however there was no real rhyme or reason to it.


If you are needing a custom braid haul like shown above or a total refit of your band/studio space rehearsal room etc. Then please do not hesitate to get in touch... 


Why can't I find this on the website?

If you have seen some sort of Midi/XLR/TRS/Loom/Multicore/Colourful solution either here or on Social Media that you cannot buy on this website. It's simply because Practical Patch has been busy so its not been added or perhaps the request has been so niche Practical Patch will only ever stock for small qualities ordered or indeed word of mouth.

This is just the nature of business now, everyone appears to want that personal service but if you aren't everyone then that is totally fine and I hope you come back to have a look at the website in the years to come. 

What's the lead/build/wait time?

So at checkout, it's stated 1-7 working days for delivery/dispatch. What this is intended to present is that Practical Patch operates on orders placed immediately. However with lockdown restrictions and workload from various services offered then yes, yes Practical Patch can be busy and it might take more than 24 hours for the products you have ordered to be produced packaged and handed to Royal Mail or a Courier. 

Just how busy are you?

Honestly, it's relentless. If you order on this website you will see an order number on your receipt but that is not a true reflection in the slightest of what Practical Patch completes daily. Generally speaking, orders are large and jobs are bigger than 15 minutes producing a single solution. That said, you won't get excuses. If Practical Patch is burnt out you will see this website and social contact walled. Happens about once a year. Patch came here to serve and is not one for taking breaks...

Can I DM / Text you? 

Email is preferred as an initial form of contact for all and any enquiries. Canny solder cables with a phone in yer hand textin'

How many people run Practical Patch?

Practical Patch is one man registered as a sole trader in the UK. Occasionally and before 2020 and all its restrictions, my wife on the weekend or a visiting friend may have chipped in here and there with simple tasks but other than that, it's all one man. My daughter's involvement has been a thing that I celebrate and perhaps one day this business will be ours. That said she was born in 2015 so there are quite a few more years to go before she hates me or can make a full adult contribution! It's not just a gimmick though, that kid was a massive part of this business coming together. It's quite possible she has probably even carried your small packages in her Schoolbag! 

Is there anything you do not do?

Probably. Let's just say Practical Patch is extremely well versed in dealing with people who are just looking for a saving. Practical Patch has been going since April 2019 and prior to that was already busy in the guitar/musician world shipping and posting gear across the UK as well as working on guitars for locals up in Edinburgh. Before that and after bands I worked in the hospitality industry for almost ten years and have had more life experience than I care to remember.... 

Can you help me figure something out

Honestly is the best policy, we individuals are not as inexperienced as some may think. Not everyone that sells guitar-related gear is an 18-year-old idiot trying to make a fiver or prove a point about how ridiculous pedal prices are. What this means is if you think Patch is sitting about all day strumming a guitar and drinking beers, well you're maybe half right but not entirely! Please just remember that whilst Practical Patch is all about connections Practical Patch doesn't work for companies with customer service contact numbers and websites full of manuals :-) please don't waste your time. The answers are out there and you CAN find them.... but if you can't and it's about a cable then email me! 


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