Present lead time for production and dispatch of all orders is 4-7 day Obviously some jobs won't take more than 24 hours to dispatch but please consider before ordering that I could take a whole week to produce, dispatch and have Royal Mail deliver a single Patch Cable... 

Many Thanks to all for their continued support and good word spread, I look forward to hearing from you. 




Mobile: +447305347018 (message only please to begin)

Instagram: @practicalpatch

Facebook: Message here

 Email Address: if for whatever reason you do not receive a prompt response please try


WhatsApp, iMessage, FB Messenger, Telegram, Facebook Business page all fine for contact. I stress, please message initially please. I am more than happy to speak on the phone but it has to be at a time that suits myself, workload and my family.  

PAYMENT: Practical Patch uses business banking with London Based Bank Monzo. An invoice will be provided using their system that allows secure payment with Bank Transfer, Debit/Credit card with Stripe or Apple Pay. Jobs are always paid for upfront unless a low value order is quicker to prepare at that moment in time than write an invoice. Payment will however always be received prior to dispatch. If you would like to pay by any other means I am happy for that to be discussed.

For any historic Reverb Customers, I am still happy to receive payment via that platform. Whenever I think there is an opportunity for sales to arise again through that platform I will be adding some products back to the Practical Patch Reverb Store. 


PayPal has become the norm for so many but long term I made the decision to reverse my own to a civilian account. I did this because after almost three producing bespoke products for my customer base, their friends and fellow professional musicians. It seemed ridiculous to continue to factor in processing fees (which all online sellers do or should do on every product) when facing rising costs in resources to actually produce the products that I do. 

Therefore, in an attempt to maintain prices for the year 2022 and 2023 and hopefully longer as my buying power increases. If you really insist on wanting to pay me with Goods and Services then I will probably expect a minimum spend with a paper, not PayPal invoice provided for your records. 


  • How much does a cable cost if I cannot see it? By the end of March 2022 there will be a comprehensive price list available. In the mean time please either ask me or have a good peruse of the website, there should be enough written and visual information to allow you to know you are not walking into any huge variances in expense and the more keenly observant of you will realise that actually some solutions can be quite, affordable.

  • How much is UK postage? Most orders cost no more than £5.00 to ship around the UK. I use large letter often (less than a fiver) and tend to favour Tracked 48 small parcel for orders around £100.00 value and up to 2KG in weight. If I can anticipate an order valued over £100.00  weighing in over 2KG in weight, then I will take a postage deposit and remaining cost will be charged in a separate invoice one to order is packaged and complete. 

  • Do you ship internationally? Yes. Similarly to the above I may invoice the shipping costs separately once your order is complete and packaged.

  • Are you VAT Registered for EU customers? No. I have absolutely no means of guaranteeing that you will not be stung by local VAT, Duty, or whatever any local couriers surcharges could be. Please add local rates to any number I provide to enable you to calculate total outlay. I use customs code 92093000. 

  • Can I visit Practical Patch? Maybe, I work in a private workshop and with my family often present, there are a lot of factors to consider before I willingly open my door to anyone or everyone. 

  • Do you deliver locally? Possibly, I have never gained a full driving licence and probably never will. If something can be arranged then yes, we can meet at a time that is convenient to us all.