Who even is #thatguythatmakescables and what can Practical Patch offer you?

Practical Patch is a one man operation based in the Scottish Borders that finally came into existence in April 2019. Since then Chris, the owner and cable maker has been producing custom cable solutions almost none stop once his work began to be purchased and mentioned up and down the UK and of course, it really all happened because of the internet! 

Chris is often reminded by his Patrons that the thing that makes his cables great is that he is first a foremost a player and indeed is one who has actually played lived. It is the service he provides and the time he makes time to educate and inform his customers with what knowledge he has gained over the years and always makes an effort to explain things plainly. 

He understands your requirements and what can go wrong. Whether you just want to plug straight into an amp or through a chain longer than anyone else would even consider, Chris is always happy to understand what you have planned and also knows that sometimes, there is someone out there that may have planned something beyond his own immediate comprehension. He's smart enough to know he doesn't know everything and therefore always hopes to continue to learn from your own rig creations and of course, his peers within the industry. If there is one thing Chris has learned its knowing how to ask the question that makes the answers suddenly become abundantly clear.


Practical Patch is by now and often being referred to by its peers as an established brand.  Chris's work has spread out around the world but fundamentally his largest customer base is right here in the UK. Hearing stories of people remarking when recommending to friends "Ah I know him, big Scottish that does them Slime Green Cables yeah?" is truly a wonderful thing to be told.


Chris is proud to be represented by so many hard working professional musicians up and down the country, without whom, Practical Patch absolutely not be where it is today. 


For the end of 2021 Chris has removed the shopping element of this website were you could once have made purchases in the traditional website sense. Instead all orders are now invited to be placed directly with Chris and once defined he will confirm a price and postage cost or estimate.  

Lead times are presently and as they always have been, 1-7 working days for production dispatch and delivery. Chris will always ensure that you know how long a job is going to take before you pay. The lead time is meant to present that most jobs can be done promptly. Sometimes it takes a little longer than one working day to package and dispatch. 

Within the Long and Short Cables section of this website you will find what various products are available but Chris does encourage you to peruse the website as a whole. There are more options than shown. Presently each page contains and overview of pricing and the flexibility on offer with lengths, connectors and braids etc. There is also a Custom Shop page to offer some advice prior to making an enquiry. 


f you wish to order please contact Practical Patch via whatever means suit you best. Payment is made prior to all works being complete and Practical Patch uses Monzo business banking for invoice payments either via bank transfer or Stripe. 

For any long term customers you know how to reach Practical Patch. For anyone new please do not hesitate to get in touch, your custom is always welcome.