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Vintage Style Effects Pedals handmade in Solihull, England, UK. 


Chevtone FX Pedals are produced by one man and his hands to the highest possible specifications by Adam Yeomans right here in the UK. 

Adam who has a passion for cars, the blues and all those classic guitar tones we all know and love, made the decision in 2018 to take what was once a hobby to the next level. 


This fascination with tinkering and thinking bigger was born out of his career within the automotive industry. Using his technical know-how and continuous learning on the job has naturally transitioned his pedals designs inside and out. 


As well as being inspired by modern-day engineering, Adam is also hugely inspired by the vintage tag boards found within classic valve amps. Like the vehicles he works on, he loves anything that exudes massive mojo and you only have to look inside one of his creations to see this. 



All builds use a carefully selected blend of NOS Vintage and Modern components which are of course, all rigorously tested prior to deployment within his creations. 


With great dedication to his craft, Adam ensures every single component used meets the level of consistency required for his builds.


Removing the unreliable history of the components used within the vintage devices of the past whilst successfully





retaining the classic sounds he knows and loves. Everything Chevtone FX produces receives the utmost level of attention to detail and care before during and after construction.


Adam hopes you enjoy every second you spend with any of his devices and you are welcome to write to Adam with any questions you may have here and if you are on social media, you can follow his work and keep an eye out for new demos in the usual places.